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The good thing about the 1980s was that even if people were trying to scr** each other over, at least they were open about the fact. In the 1990s the predation continued, but now behind a hypocritically self-righteous facade of "higher principles", never quite spelled out, that some clearly were making up as they went along. The basic principle was this, very often: "I'm going to hustle for all I can get and you're going to settle for the scraps I'm going to leave you - but don't you dare put up a fight and look after your own well being, or I'll tell the whole world what an offensively selfish and insensitive meanie you are, and people will get you".

Naturally, this showed up in the sexual attitudes of the latter decade and did much to shape the sexual politics of the PC movement, much to my considerable annoyance, as I mention in these articles, finally spouting off in the Chicago-Scene webforum: 1 2 3 return.