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Fears and Jeers From The Digital Underground
July 26, 1999

Much to my amused bewilderment earlier this week, I discovered that my site had been blocked by Cybersitter. Apparently it was viewed as being unsuitable for younger and more sensitive readers. This struck me as being bizarre, because the values expressed within could only be termed conservative. Do I mention prostitution? Yes, in a passage where I provide some opposition to a superfically persuasive argument that had been circulated in support of its legalization. Have I discussed NAMBLA, an organization devoted to the legalization of gay pedophilia? Perhaps, but I don't think that they're going to want to hire me to do their PR, after I post something entitled "NAMBLA: Evil Incarnate". Others might differ.

Some might say that it was the presence of a few swear words. Hmmm. You know, a few years ago, I was standing in line, waiting for the Greyhound to Bloomington. I heard this lengthily explicit series of anatomical references. I turned around, to see who would have such a mouth on him, and found myself face to face ... with a group of Amish farmers, waiting to go home. I guess buggies are hard to come by in Indianapolis.

Traditional values? Whose traditional values?

And that's the point, here, folks. Someone out in California is badly out of touch. Are we going to protect our children from bad words ? Friend, the kids are teaching them to us. Has Mr. Milburn actually heard a group of 12 year old boys talking lately? Or, really, any time in the last few decades? The wildest stuff I've written for this site, so far, pales by comparison, and the nastier things linked to, come with warnings.

I'm not going to kick up a fuss here, because however preposterous their position is right now, history tells me that they're not going to budge from it, and besides which, it is possible that something a bit less polite will be going up here in the future. But, gee, maybe Mr. Milburn could lighten up, just a little, and accept that periodically, people do use a few unpleasant words? It's not just any man who could say that the Amish weren't conservative enough for him.

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