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Rather than explaining Tim to you, myself, I decided to let Tim explain himself, in his own words, right off his own home page, "The Killfile Dungeon".

Not really Tim Skirvin, but a decent enough likeness, courtesy of Translucide

Tim was one of a new breed of newbie coming up, who felt that "Netiquette" should be a reflection of their wishes, rather than a development of established practice. Some of us would point out to them that this was a change that would be absurd on its very face. Every year produces a new freshman class, and if we have to change the rules to suit its whims - every year - there will nothing going on but constant turmoil, because the rules will be changing so often that nobody will ever become accustomed to them. Tim, on the other hand, felt that references to his age and lack of experience constituted "ageism".

Among the newest of the undergrads, he wanted to be able to set policy online - not on an equal basis with those who had been there before him - but on a supreme basis, effecting change through decree, rather than discussion. Apparently, by his own account, following much the same philosophy in dorm life, where, as he put it, he would help people come around to seeing the truth. Online, this annoyed the h**l out of a wide variety of people, as Tim himself seemed to realise when he mentioned that someone in his killfile dungeon was "... irritating. About on a level with myself." Eventually, my turn to meet him would come.

Tim's argument, after a lot of stonewalling, would be to say that, while it was true that I hadn't introduced the thread into HIS group (*), I should have written individual letters to the people following up to Mr.Cherry, asking them to take the thread elsewhere, instead of posting a followup.

Interesting idea, Tim. One that I decided not to go with.

Question : So, what was wrong with Skirvin's suggestion?
...Answer : Click here.

Tim didn't want to let go of this. I told him to stop writing me, and Tim told me that he'd continue sending me e-mail, in quantity, until I did things his way (apparently, just to get rid of him). Oddly enough, given that Tim seemed to be in this habit, he eventually (allegedly) got mailbombed himself. Again, go figure. Never one to move on, Tim apparently was inspired by Karl Denninger's advice that he get a life, to write his killfile dungeon, his greatest - nay, his only - claim to fame, as a poster, and as a man. One whose sole contribution to the online community, has been to harass others, as they've tried to contribute content - something that he has virtually never been seen to do, himself. But, what's a little libel between "friends"?

For the longest time, I tried to simply ignore him. But Tim is tireless, and seems to have nothing better to do with his time, than to spread rumors, and try to get other people censored. Well, I do have better things to do with my time, than keep answering the same rumors over, and over, so, in rebuttal to the section of his web page that he has devoted to me over 4 years, now, I'll be offering a little commentary here, in the Halls of Eternal Disbelief. Call it equal time.

There is a lot more to tell about Mr. Skirvin, but would you really want to read it, and would I really want to write it? Let's move on, unlike you'd like to see a little of that Tim Skirvin style in action as he deals with John Bambenek.


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